Chase REES

Co-owner, Creative director

CHASE REES is the Co-Owner and Creative Director of THINKBIG Productions. He brings over 10 years of visual content creation to the THINKBIG team, including numerous awards as Cinematographer and Editor and projects with Netflix Originals, HBO Documentaries, Discovery Channel and more.

Erin Howell

Co-Owner, Executive Producer

ERIN HOWELL is the Co-Owner and Executive Producer for THINKBIG Productions: directing, producing, and branding creative content featuring real people, stories, and ideas for moving pictures. Erin began her climb above the line by coordinating and managing national and international commercial projects…

Jessica Flores

Partner, Executive Producer

A Texas native, JESSICA FLORES is telling stories as Executive Producer and Partner of ThinkBIG Productions. She first fell in love with the industry in front of the camera as a performer: starting in pageantry and dance then as a SAG actress…

Andrew Benavides

Creative​ Director, Editor

ANDREW BENAVIDES has always had an affinity for all things creative. Music was on his mind at first but things quickly changed when he picked up his mom's old camcorder 13 years ago, shooting other artists that were creating around him.

Scott Marett

Creative Director, Editor

SCOTT MARETT is a storyteller at heart with over 10 years of professional experience in the cinema world. He was born and raised in Houston, TX and educated in both Colorado and California. He began his career in post-production as an editor,…

NicHOLAS Mills


NICHOLAS MILLS was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Nicholas has been acting in front of the camera since he was sixteen and has done work in indie films, commercials, industrials, and has worked as a voice-over talent.

Brittany DJIE


BRITTANY DJIE was born and raised in the hot and humid city of Houston, Texas, which has always been beneficial to the volume of her hair and her ability to withstand warm climates.

Leanna Beatrice

Studio Manager

A Louisiana native and our resident seafood expert, LEANNA BEATRICE has been the Executive Assistant to the ThinkBIG team for over 2 years.