Why Content is Powerful During a Time of Social Distancing

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It is amazing how quickly life can change.

The ThinkBig team is experiencing a shift; from what was planned to be a busy March, to a complete production pause. Each of our team members, like many people around the world, are retreating to work from home, stay safe and and most importantly prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The ThinkBig team, along with many organizations around the world, is figuring out how to restructure during this time. Our team is passionate about creating content and we have been inspired over the past few weeks by how powerful content can be.

As the world enters into a time of social distancing, video rises as a powerful form of communication. Organizations are using video to continue communicating to their audience.

Yoga teachers and fitness trainers are using video to teach classes so people can work-out while staying home. Musicians are inspiring fans with their music by live streaming impromptu concerts.

Communities are being strengthened as they find new ways to stay connected.

Late-night talk show hosts are still making people laugh by carrying on production of their shows from home, using the technology they have available.

Content is crucial during this time, as audiences are figuring out what content to stream or what show to watch next on tv. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nielsen figures for the week of March 16-22 show a double-digit jump, from the previous week, among all viewers in America for total TV usage.

Content creators have an opportunity to find new ways of creating during this time. Writers, hosts, animators and other creatives can continue creating for their audiences from their home, if they are able.

With so much time on our hands, perhaps today is when creativity can be cultivated the most. It has been stated that doing nothing can lead to creativity. Instances of boredom can actually lead to something greater. Boredom can trigger our imagination and lead to a “daydreaming” state, as stated by Sandi Mann, a psychologist at the University of Central Lancaster.

At a time of social distancing, creativity and finding new ways of keeping content creation alive may be just what we need.

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