Why Content is Powerful During a Time of Social Distancing

It is amazing how quickly life can change. The ThinkBig team is experiencing a shift; from what was planned to be a busy March, to a complete production pause. Each of our team members, like many people around the world, are retreating to work from home, stay safe and and most importantly prevent the spread […]

Interview With Casting Director Lydia Martinez-Cash

Lydia Martinez-Cash, has been represented as an actress for over 10 years in the Southwest Market, successfully being cast in over 25 independent film productions. Today, Martinez-Cash continues working as an actress. After years of experience in front of the camera, this Texas-based actress has begun leading behind the camera, as a casting director. Martinez-Cash […]

Off Script: Chase Rees Talks Finding Direction to a Career in Film

Chase Rees Of THINKBIG Productions Directing a Film Shoot In Houston, Texas

A week for director and cinematographer, Chase Rees, involves three things: directing, shooting, and then editing projects created all across Houston and beyond. Taking a moment to reflect – now, more than a decade into his professional filmmaking career – Rees shares insights from his journey of becoming a creative professional in the city that […]